What Are The Top Reasons To See an Orthodontist?

When you are suffering from head, neck, and jaw problems, you may not realize that an orthodontist should be one of your first stops. Many people think that if they need braces then they will give their local orthodontist a call. Until then, they can stick with visiting their dentist twice a year for a cleaning. However, if you are experiencing pain in your mouth or in the surrounding body parts, your orthodontist may be exactly who you need to go to. Want to see what an orthodontist can do for you? Call your local one to schedule an appointment. 

  • They can improve your self-esteem. If you have been putting off dental care for a long time and wake up thinking that you wish you could fix something, now may be the time to look into a practice for orthodontics Orange County, CA recommends like John Redmond Orthodontics. Whether you are self-conscious about your smile or perhaps the way your jaw moves, an orthodontist can help to improve this by taking images of your mouth and looking into what may need to be moved around. 
  • They can prevent future problems from happening. While no one can work magic, an orthodontist can take the time and care necessary to examine your mouth and see what could be causing you pain now and what could cause pain in the future. So, while many people think routine orthodontic work is expensive, they may actually be saving you thousands and thousands in the long run by avoiding a more serious problem. 
  • They can help fix sleeping problems. If you suffer from sleep apnea or other sleep-related issues that are related to your mouth or your jaw, your orthodontist can work up a treatment plan that may positively impact your ability to sleep. An uneven jaw or uneven teeth can also make trying to go to sleep harder due to discomfort or difficulty with breathing. 
  • They can help you when you grind your teeth. Whether you do it because of anxiety or simply because it is something you have always done, grinding your teeth can cause you to wear away the enamel in your teeth. This can set you up for future tooth pain as well as decay and other problems when you begin wearing away the outer surface of your teeth. Speak with your trusted orthodontist when you believe this may be causing you a problem. 

It is important to get help when you believe there is something that could be done to fix your smile if you are self-conscious about it or if you think there are other health concerns related to your smile. You want to make sure you are going to an orthodontist you can trust throughout the process since you will likely be visiting them on more than one occasion. Reach out to a reliable orthodontist today with your concerns.