Invisalign Teen Clear Aligners in San Clemente

Invisalign Teen Clear Aligners

Bummed out about having braces?

Invisalign Teen gives you a whole new way to wear braces for a “clearly” amazing smile! At John Redmond Orthodontics in San Clemente, Dr. John Redmond offers Invisalign Teen clear aligners as an alternative to metal braces. Invisalign Teen aligners are a perfect fit for your lifestyle, because aligners are:

  • Clear
  • Removable
  • Super comfortable
  • Customized just for you

Who is using Invisalign?
Listen to Katherine Heigl talk about using Invisalign to straighten her star-studded smile.
Answers to your questions from an actual Invisalign patient just like you.

Who is using Invisalign?


Can I still eat my favorite foods?

You’ve probably heard from friends that with braces you won’t be able to eat anything. With Invisalign Teen you can eat whatever you want! Unlike traditional metal braces, your Invisalign Teen aligners are removable, which means you can go ahead and eat all the things you love without worrying about breaking a bracket or losing a rubber band.

Can I still do sports and play instruments?

Invisalign aligners are really comfortable and very durable. They fit in with any of your extracurricular activities. So whether you’re swimming the 50 meter race, out on the field throwing the football, or playing the clarinet with the school’s band, you don’t have to worry about your braces getting in the way!
When you are considering Invisalign Teen for your teenager, you should turn to John Redmond Orthodontics for advice and to learn about whether or not it is right for him or her. For a consultation with an orthodontist for Invisalign Teen, please call our clinic today.

What You Should Know About Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is a practically invisible way to straighten the teeth of your teenager. There are no metal braces, wires, or brackets. Rather, Invisalign Teen uses clear aligners that are custom made to fit the mouth of your teenager, and can be removed. As your teens’ teeth become straighter, the retainers will be replaced with a new set that matches the shift. In general, the retainers will be replaced every two weeks.

Is Invisalign Teen effective?

As a leading Invisalign Teen orthodontist, we believe when the retainers are worn accordingly, they can be just as effective as metal braces for standard straightening issues. Invisalign Teen can typically treat mild to moderate, and sometimes severe, underbites, overbites, gaps, and overcrowding. If you’re unsure whether or not your teen is a candidate, call John Redmond Orthodontics.

Understanding the Advantages of Invisalign Teen

If you have had metal braces you likely know the downsides of them. For example, they are not comfortable and are generally not considered to be aesthetically pleasing. They are also more prone to damage, especially when the wearer is active in sports or plays certain musical instruments. Also, with braces, certain foods must be avoided. When your teen wears Invisalign Teen, they can consume any food because the aligners can be removed. 
In addition to the aforementioned, there are emotional benefits to consider. This is due to the self-confidence issues that are so often prevalent in teens who wear traditional metal braces. Invisalign Teen aligners are invisible; therefore, they should not have an effect on the teens’ vulnerability and emotions.

Can every teen get Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen is ideal for any teen who may have what is called erupting or erupted permanent dentition. As a leading Invisalign Teen orthodontist might explain to you, these are common in most teenagers. That being said, certain orthodontic conditions cannot be treated with Invisalign Teen; therefore, an orthodontist should evaluate your teen’s mouth.

Length of Time and Cost of Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen typically takes the same amount of time as traditional metal braces. However, the actual length of time your teen will require to reach the desired goal will largely depend on their condition and it’s severity. This can only be determined by your Invisalign Teen orthodontist. 
The cost of Invisalign Teen will vary depending on the location and complexity of treatment. You may pay a bit more than traditional braces for Invisalign Teen, but the benefits may greatly outweigh the increase in cost. You should certainly check with your insurance company to see whether or not they will cover some or all of orthodontic treatment. Finally, many Invisalign Teen orthodontists will offer flexible and affordable payment options.

Time Spent With the Orthodontist

Many parents have concerns about the amount of time that will be spent at the orthodontist for Invisalign Teen. This form of treatment tends to require less time with your orthodontist than metal braces because there are no adjustments, broken wires, or other issues to correct.
To see if Invisalign Teen is right for you, ask your parent or guardian to schedule a consultation at John Redmond Orthodontics in San Clemente today!

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