Pediatric Orthodontist Dana Point, CA

Pediatric Orthodontist Dana Point, CA

Your Children and Orthodontics

As children get older and teeth start to grow in, parents may see signs that perhaps their child can benefit from seeing a pediatric orthodontist in Dana Point, CA, such as one from John Redmond Orthodontics. Some kids may look forward to braces, as this means they are getting older. But for others, they may be very nervous that they will experience pain or discomfort during their appointment. Despite how your child feels, you may also have many questions and concerns of your own. Rest assured, our team is very gentle and can answer any inquiries that you have about what to expect. 

Why Children May Need Braces

Kids may require braces for several reasons, perhaps they have signs of overcrowding, crooked teeth, or malocclusion. Malocclusion is when the bite doesn’t align as it should due to a difference in size of the top and bottom jaws. An overbite is when the top jaw is bigger than the lower, and an underbite is the opposite. 

Your child may need help from a pediatric orthodontist in Dana Point, CA if they lost their baby teeth too early, had an accident, or developed a thumb-sucking habit. In most cases, these signs are first noticed during a regular visit with a dentist. That dentist may then recommend you bring your child to an orthodontist, as they have knowledge in teeth alignment and jaw correction. 

What to Expect During an Appointment

Your pediatric orthodontist in Dana Point, CA can look over the dentist notes, take a look at the teeth and jaw, and then decide if your child can benefit from braces and which device would be most beneficial. An orthodontist is likely to ask the child to bite down gently to assess alignment, and ask questions about whether there are issues with swallowing, chewing, and if sounds have ever been heard during talking or eating. 

X-rays may be taken of the mouth so the Dana Point, California pediatric orthodontist can get a really good idea of where teeth are positioned and if permanent teeth still need to grow in. A mold of the teeth may be made as well, which is created through pressing a goo-like substance onto the top and bottom teeth. The mold is then removed and hardened, providing a replica of the child’s teeth. 

What Age to Have Your Child Visit an Orthodontist

There isn’t an exact age for how soon a child should see a pediatric orthodontist Dana Point, CA families trust. But in general, the sooner the treatment the better so further complications can be prevented down the road. Most children who have dental issues see an orthodontist for the first time around the age of 6-10 or teenage years. It is within these years that issues can become the most apparent. 

We understand that seeing an orthodontist for the first time may come as a sigh of relief for parents, or apprehension as to what the outcome will be. We are happy to schedule a consultation to find out more and have your questions answered. Please contact us to book your appointment with a pediatric orthodontist in Dana Point, CAsuch as one from John Redmond Orthodontics today! 

Client Review

“So glad this John Redmond was recommended to us for our two teenagers braces. Super friendly staff, clean office, great prices, and great with military families. We’ve been coming here for almost two years and only good experiences! My kids love the extra touch of a homemade cookie as they leave.” Nagasiva Kumar Client Review