Pediatric Orthodontist San Clemente, CA

Pediatric Orthodontist San Clemente, CA

When you are considering consulting with a pediatric orthodontist San Clemente, California to find out about correcting the alignment of your children’s teeth, it’s a big decision. It involves two of the most significant areas of your life — time and money.  At John Redmond Orthodontics, we understand that when time and money are involved, people must prioritize. So, we want to help you understand the consequences of delaying orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment requires a commitment of your expendable income. Your child will visit a San Clemente, CA pediatric orthodontist for appointments every six to eight weeks. This will likely go on for about 18 to 24 months, or until the goal is accomplished. You will also need to take extra care with your child’s dental hygiene and diet to maintain the health and proper functioning of their teeth and braces during treatment. Most parents report the results are worth the time and financial investments.

Still, you may be curious about the consequences of not getting your child braces. While each case is different and varies from patient to patient, some circumstances are more common than others. They include:

Minor Spacing Issues or Crowding

Without the help of a San Clemente, CA pediatric orthodontist to provide treatment to correct mild spacing or crowding problems, your child may need to be more careful when it comes to brushing and flossing to properly clean between crowded teeth or in the spaces between teeth. When good dental hygiene is not maintained in these areas, harmful bacteria can grow, leading to plaque and tartar buildup. This can ultimately lead to tooth decay or gum disease.

A San Clemente, CA pediatric orthodontist from John Redmond Orthodontics can provide treatments that create adequate space between teeth more space where necessary. When teeth are appropriately spaced and aligned, proper cleaning is easier to maintain.


Overjet refers to space that exists between the backside of the upper front teeth and the front of the lower front teeth when the mouth is closed. It is sometimes called “buck teeth.” Failure to correct overjet can cause the upper front teeth to be more vulnerable to dental trauma.

Additionally, teeth that protrude are more susceptible to injury during sports and extracurricular athletic activities, including bike-riding and skateboarding. Furthermore, treating injuries to the front teeth can be costly, so minimizing the likelihood of dental trauma is critical.

A pediatric orthodontist from John Redmond Orthodontics offers orthodontic treatment that can effectively shift protruding teeth into their optimal positions and help avoid injury.

Crossbite or severe crowding

Without orthodontic treatment, patients with crossbite or overcrowded teeth may experience abnormal tooth wear. Crowding and crossbite can cause the upper and lower teeth to come together incorrectly. Teeth will then contact one another in places where they’re not supposed to. This can lead to dental trauma and teeth that chip, fracture, or break.

Spending now can mean saving later

Orthodontic treatment is an investment in you or your children’s future oral health. Most people wish to prevent a future oral health issue than undergo treatment for one. Well-aligned teeth and a healthy bite go a long way toward preventing cavities, gum disease, and abnormal tooth wear. Treatments for these problems may be more costly the longer delay in addressing them.

If you would like a pediatric orthodontist San Clemente, CA parents recommend to evaluate your potential need for treatment, contact John Redmond Orthodontics today to schedule a consultation.

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