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When looking for orthodontic care patients trust, contact experienced orthodontics in Orange County, CA. Whether you are interested in straightening your smile or are seeking relief from a painful jaw issue, John Redmond Orthodontics is willing and able to help. 

How might some patients feel about their first consultation meeting with an orthodontist?

Some patients may experience a level of anxiety before going to the orthodontic office. Like other doctor’s visits, the fear of the unknown may cause slight panic for patients. The following is intended to provide peace of mind to patients who are considering orthodontic treatment. By showing the step-by-step process, patients may feel more relaxed as they know what to expect from their consultation. If patients are still nervous about their visit, they should speak to their orthodontists. With years of experience under their belt, orthodontists can provide clarity, answer questions, and help calm their patient’s anxiety. 

What should patients know before getting braces?

When considering braces, patients should become aware of the different types of braces. Each form of braces has its own unique pros and cons, and patients should weigh these before making a decision. Metal braces, for example, are recommended for children since they are durable and more cost-efficient. Adults typically prefer the look of ceramic, lingual, and invisible braces since they are not as noticeable as metal braces. Lingual braces attach to the back of the patient’s mouth, leaving the front of the teeth completely visible. Since these are custom-fitted to each patient, they are more expensive than other types of braces. Invisible braces, otherwise known as clear aligners are ideal for patients who desire the ability to remove the braces from their mouth on their own. However, since aligners are fitted to the patient’s mouth often, more orthodontist visits are in order. 

Are the different types of braces a good fit for everyone?

Not all braces are a good fit for patients. For example, children may not be the best candidate for ceramic braces as they are more fragile and break easier than metal braces. Ceramic braces can also stain or discolor with time if the patients are not careful. Invisible braces or clear aligners are wonderful because they are removable. However, children may accidentally lose them if not careful. Because of the clear, transparency of aligners, patients may not be able to find them if they are lost. Adults, however, may be a great fit for ceramic, and invisible braces since they are more discreet. Those looking to maintain a more professional appearance tend to gravitate towards braces such as ceramic, invisible, or lingual rather than metal braces. 

What should patients expect on their first visit?

During the initial consultations, orthodontists will collect the patient’s oral history, do an examination, and take x-ray pictures if needed. If patients are experiencing jaw, teeth, or gum pain they should tell their orthodontist during their visit. Following the consultation, the orthodontist will provide a plan for treatment or a timeline for braces. Start your journey toward a straighter, healthier smile today, and contact an orthodontic office.