Is a dental cleaning safe during pregnancy?

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Expectant mothers are understandably protective of their unborn babies, but sometimes it can be confusing when it comes to knowing the possible dangers of what would otherwise be routine healthcare. This may include concerns about whether or not a dental cleaning is safe when the patient is pregnant. During your exam you can learn more about the safety protocols we use to ensure that being pregnant will not put you or your child at risk.
Dental Cleanings are Safe for Expectant Mothers
A dental specialist like Dr. Redmond dentist San Clemente, CA trusts can provide you more detailed information about the procedures you will undergo and how they are safe. You may be relieved to hear that oral health care, including dental cleanings, are not only but as important as ever when pregnant. This is because your health issues could affect your unborn baby if allowed to develop into a serious condition. A dental cleaning can identify and address issues as they arise and can help prevent problems.
Pregnancy and Oral Health Concerns
When a woman is pregnant, she may become susceptible to developing inflammation of the gums, otherwise known as gingivitis. When left untreated, gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease. As a result, the person may lose one or more of their teeth. Those who have an infected tooth can develop a serious health condition if the infection spreads through their bloodstream. When patients have a dental cleaning or other medical care, the dentist and staff will alert the patient if they detect and potential oral healthcare issues. When a patient undergoes a dental cleaning, this is an excellent opportunity to determine if they are suffering from gum disease or other conditions that should be addressed.  
Dental Hygiene Tips for Expectant Mothers
A dentist is pleased to provide oral healthcare tips to patients, and to base these recommendations on their specific circumstances. Here are some general oral hygiene tips which may be helpful to you during your pregnancy:

  •         Brush and floss after meals.
  •         Visit for regularly scheduled dental cleanings. This is a more thorough cleaning than is possible at home. Your dental hygienist can recommend if you should get cleanings every six months or every twelve months.
  •         When you call to schedule your appointment, let the staff know that you are an expectant mom and your due date. They can make sure you are comfortable during your visit and make adjustments as necessary. This might include extra pillows to support your back, hips, or feet.
  •         If you experience morning nausea, consider making your dentist appointment for later in the day.

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