Dr. Redmond Dentist San Clemente, CA

Dr. Redmond Dentist San Clemente, CA

An excellent way to maintain optimum oral hygiene health is through self-care and getting regular check ups with your dentist. Detecting problems early on is a great way to avoid future discomfort and long term health concerns such as gum disease. Dr. Redmond is a dentist in San Clemente, CA from John Redmond Orthodontics who encourages all of his patients to get regular cleanings from their family dentist. If during your regular dentist visit suggests that you may benefit from braces or other corrective methods, we will be happy to provide you with the orthodontic care that you need.

We have helped patients improve their smile since opening our practice more than two decades ago. Dr. Redmond is a dentist in San Clemente, CA who specializes in providing braces to patients but encourages patients to visit their regular dentist for routine cleanings at least twice a year. Your regular dentist may suggest that you visit them more or less often depending on your health. Know that oral hygiene can change because of age, along with your overall teeth and gum condition.

A Dental Checkup May Include: 

  • Visual examination of your mouth, neck, jaw and face.
  • Diagnostics (digital) as recommended by your dentist.
  • A gingival pocket examination.
  • Thorough professional cleaning of your teeth
  • X-rays to examine causes of issues that may be located underneath the gum line.

More About the Visual Exam

Your regular dentist as well as Dr. Redmond in San Clemente, CA may utilize a camera (intraoral) with advanced lighting and magnification to observe all areas in your mouth.

Not only will your dentist check for gingivitis, decayed teeth, cavities, and cracked teeth as well as sores and growths on the roof and floor of your mouth. Many people believe a dentist is only focused on your teeth’s health. However, your dentist may examine your lips, gums, tongue and mucous membranes that run along your cheeks and gums. Additionally, your dentist in San Clemente, CA can check the lymph nodes of your jaw, head, and neck for pain, flexibility, and tenderness.

Diagnostics (Digital)

  • X-rays: can detect abnormal dental conditions that may not be discovered during a visual exam. Digital x-rays provide a way to instantly detect issues.
  • Gingival pocket examination: healthy gums are healthy teeth, a pocket exam is typically quick and your dentist can determine if there are any signs of periodontal disease.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dental Hygiene

Your smile is one of the first things that others notice. Braces or other treatments from John Redmond Orthodontics can straighten your teeth and improve your smile, but orthodontia is not all that is needed for a healthy smile. Fortunately, a few simple do’s and don’ts can help you keep your teeth clean and strong.

Do Floss If you visit Dr. Redmond dentist in San Clemente, CA, accumulated plaque and tartar will likely be scraped from your teeth. However, flossing daily prevents much of this buildup. If you have braces on your teeth from John Redmond Orthodontics, it is especially important to floss regularly. You can use special orthodontic floss or a floss threader to make the process easier. Make sure to get behind the wire as well as between the teeth.

Do Use Fluoride Although Dr. Redmond dentist in San Clemente, CA, may give you an in-office fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth, it is important to incorporate fluoride into your daily routine as well. Most toothpastes and many mouthwashes have either stannous or sodium fluoride in them. Tap water often has fluoride, but some filters remove it. For example, reverse osmosis filters remove fluoride but hollow-fiber membrane filters do not. Read the label when you buy a water filtration system to ensure it is not removing this important mineral.

Don’t Go To Bed Without Brushing Brush twice a day for at least two minutes, and make sure that one of those times is before bed. Food particles in the mouth cause the most damage overnight. This is because saliva production decreases during sleep and does not wash away the harmful acid that causes decay. Plaque also hardens overnight and turns into tartar. Use a soft-bristled brush and make sure to clean all surfaces of each tooth. Some individuals may prefer an electric toothbrush, but it is possible to keep your teeth clean and healthy with a manual brush.

Don’t Ignore Pain Dr. Redmond dentist in San Clemente, CA, can treat the causes of a variety of oral pain. However, it is important to address the problem as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing pain, make an appointment. The pain may indicate an abscess, fracture or other situation that needs to be taken care of promptly. Whether or not you are receiving orthodontic care, it is important to keep your teeth healthy by keeping them clean and seeking regular dental care.

The Key to Oral Hygiene

Dr. Redmond is a dentist in San Clemente, CA from John Redmond Orthodontics who understands the importance of sharing vital information with his patients. For instance, healthy gums and teeth can help keep food decay and plaque from accumulating in your mouth. Harmful bacteria can grow when plaque and food decay are present. These types of bacteria may lead to gum disease, bad breath, and cavities. Your teeth are not the only thing that can attract bad bacteria. During eating, food collects on your tongue and as these tiny fragments decay, a filmy white coating of bacteria can build on top of it.

Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Dentist

1. What Lifestyle Changes Can I Make to Improve My Dental Health?

Consuming certain foods and drinks can damage your teeth. In particular, foods that are acidic or sugary can break down enamel and promote tooth decay. At your appointment, Dr. Redmond dentist in San Clemente, CA, may ask you about your eating and drinking habits. If you are consuming things that are dangerous to the health of your teeth, he may recommend that you cut back or substitute healthier options. 

2. What Toothbrush Should I Use?

There are many toothbrush options available. During your visit to John Redmond Orthodontics, you should inquire which one is best for your teeth. The dentist may make a personalized recommendation based on the condition of your mouth. 

Toothbrush bristles come in soft, medium, and hard varieties. Dentists recommend soft-bristle brushes for most patients to prevent injuries to the gums or damage to the tooth enamel. It is only under rare circumstances that Dr. Redmond dentist in San Clemente, CA, may recommend medium or hard toothbrushes. 

3. How Can I Prevent Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a significant concern when it comes to your overall oral health. It can affect not only your gums but the underlying bone. Left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss and infection that spreads throughout the body. 

Gum disease is common, affecting nearly 65 million adults in the United States, which is almost half. A dentist can not only inform you on how to prevent gum disease but also explain how to recognize the symptoms of it. 

4. What Is Causing Symptoms Such as Discoloration, Pain, or Sensitivity?

If you are experiencing oral symptoms such as sensitivity, discoloration, or pain, bring them up to your dentist during your visit to John Redmond Orthodontics. Chances are that they are not signs of anything serious, but they could be symptoms of serious oral health problems. Treatment for most dental conditions is usually easier, less expensive, and more effective if diagnosed and treated in the early stages. If the condition is allowed to progress, the damage may be irreversible, and tooth extraction may be the only option. 

5. How Often Should I Have Dental Checkups?

Your dentist should determine the frequency of your checkups based on the condition of your oral health. Most patients have dental exams twice a year. If your oral health condition is excellent, your dentist may recommend that you only have an examination once a year. Rarely, you may require checkups more often than twice a year, but your dentist can make an individualized recommendation. 

3 Ways to Maintain Great Oral Health at Home

If you are someone who cares about great overall health, you want to keep on top of your oral health and hygiene in particular. Seeing a professional like Dr. Redmond Dentist in San Clemente, CA twice a year for a dental cleaning is not enough to promote fantastic oral hygiene.

Your oral health directly affects the health of the rest of your body, including your heart and your digestive tract. Read on to find out what you can do at home in between visiting a dental group like John Redmond Orthodontics.

Floss Your Gums

Contrary to common belief, flossing is not optional. It is not just an extra step to take if you want your breath to smell especially fresh. Also, you shouldn’t remember about flossing only when you feel discomfort due to a piece of food being stuck in your teeth.

For optimal oral health, you should floss two to three times a day. If your schedule does not allow that kind of frequency, at least make time to floss once a day around each of your teeth.
Flossing properly is paramount. In order to do so, tare a lengthy bit of floss and wrap each end around the pointer finger of each hand. Keep wrapping the floss around your finger until there is a gap of just an inch or so between your fingers. Then, fit that bit of floss in between your teeth and wrap it gently around the side of each tooth. Make sure to massage your gums with the floss as you clean the tartar off of your teeth.

Brush Your Teeth

You have probably heard this since preschool: Brush your teeth regularly. Even if you schedule regular dental visits with a professional like Dr. Redmond Dentist in San Clemente, CA, you should try to brush your teeth three times a day. Brushing twice a day is the absolute minimum you can afford if you want to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

When you brush, set a timer for four to five minutes. You can use an electric toothbrush or a manual one, but as Dr. Redmond Dentist in San Clemente, CA would recommend, be sure to brush with circular strokes on each tooth. Brush the inside of each row of teeth as well as you do the outside. The teeth toward the back of your mouth tend to build up the most tartar, so pay special at tension to your molars.

Even if you take great care of your teeth at home, visiting a dentist like John Redmond Orthodontics is paramount at least twice a year. Preventive dental healthcare is the key to optimal health overall.

Feel free to call our offices to speak with a friendly member of our front desk office staff, to ask more about what a dentist at John Redmond Orthodontics can do for you. Do not hesitate to let us know if you are currently enduring any discomfort or pain, so we can do our best to get you in as soon as possible. If you or your children need an orthodontist, call Dr. Redmond dentist San Clemente, CA patients trust.

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