Braces In San Clemente, CA

braces San Clemente, CAAt John Redmond Orthodontics, we understand just how important a person’s smile can be. It can be your first impression or a lasting memory.  That’s why we’ve dedicated our lives to helping our patients achieve the smile of their dreams with braces San Clemente, CA residents choose. With many years of experience, we’re ready to help you feel more confident about your smile. There are many different options — both including and not including braces — that can you realign your smile. For San Clemente Braces options, there are:
  • Metal Braces – A tried and true method of straightening teeth. Commonly worn by adolescents, this option tends to be a more cost effective and durable way to get braces in San Clemente CA
  • Ceramic Braces – This option is often less noticeable than it’s metal counterpart, as they are made of a translucent metal. This is a common favorite application among adults, as they are less obtrusive in the day to day life and professional workplaces.
  • Lingual Braces – Attach to the backside of your teeth — rather than the side seen when smiling — offering a valuable aesthetic appeal. This is a very customized option as each bracket must be custom-made and carefully fit for each patient and the treatment plan is equally customized to deliver the best results, making this, again, a more popular option among adults looking to tune up their smile.
  • Aligners – Aligners are a system of differing clear retainers that gradually adjust your teeth over time, and through each stage of the aligner process. This is often a popular solution for patients looking for braces in San Clemente, CA who have fairly straight teeth already, and only require minor realignment.
Variables to Consider When Selecting the Type of Braces to Get
  • Aesthetics – For many, braces can make the patient feel self conscious and like they’ve “got a mouth full of metal,” especially adults. If your job or lifestyle requires a less augmenting option, you may want to consider the more translucent or “invisible” options listed above.
  • Wear-ability – For many adolescents, braces can pose a problem during certain sports seasons, as contact sports combined with metal bracketing can increase the likelihood of injury. If your child is active in a sport, considering an option with less obtrusiveness may decrease the chances of injury or malfunction of the braces treatment.
  • Cost – While the technology and accessibility of braces are improving rapidly, cost of the treatment is still a very important factor. Selecting a cheaper option if the aesthetic or wearability factors are not as heavily weighted in your situation may provide the patient the best realignment system in the most cost-effective way.
Contact a Qualified Orthodontist Today To learn more about the various braces options, contact the highly qualified team at John Redmond Orthodontics today. We understand all of the variables that go into selecting the right braces system for our patients. Whether you’re looking for San Clemente, CA braces treatments properly suited for children, adolescents, or even adults, John Redmond Orthodontics can help you pick a plan that best suits your needs. Contact us today for braces San Clemente, CA patients rely on.