Braces San Clemente California

Braces San Clemente, CAWhether you’re the parent of a young person whose teeth aren’t properly aligned or your own teeth could benefit from realignment, consider speaking with the experienced John Redmond Orthodontics team about braces; San Clemente, CA and surrounding Orange County residents trust our orthodontics practice both because we’re knowledgeable and because we treat our patients with the utmost respect.

You don’t need to know for sure that you or your child needs braces before seeking an orthodontics consultation. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that everyone receive this kind of medical consultation by the age of seven. Investing in your oral health and/or your child’s oral health is an effort worthy of your time and attention. Failure to address alignment issues proactively can lead to a need for costly, potentially uncomfortable, and complex orthodontic treatment down the road.

Why Investing in Braces Is Important

Our San Clemente, CA braces and orthodontic care team has years of experience assisting patients – both kids and adults – with their alignment-related needs. We handle both relatively straightforward treatment needs, as well as highly complex orthodontic cases. Therefore, you shouldn’t refrain from seeking our assistance because you’re under the impression that your issues are either too “minimal” or too severe to be addressed efficiently and effectively with the help of our team. On the contrary, regardless of how straightforward or challenging your situation may be, we will applaud you for seeking any and all treatment you may need at this time. Too often, orthodontic patients avoid seeking treatment due to financial concerns, concerns about pain or inconvenience, or simply because they are unaware that they can benefit from experienced care. We believe that everyone deserves quality orthodontic care and we will do our utmost to address every one of your concerns in order to make your treatment as stress-free as possible.

We do everything we can to make the process of getting braces manageable for our patients because we understand just how important this investment in their health can prove to be. Certainly, there are often cosmetic reasons for getting braces – no one likes to feel self-conscious when they smile. However, there are also significant health-related reasons why our patients often need braces. When teeth are crooked, misaligned, or overly crowded, a patient can experience otherwise preventable levels of tooth decay, gum disease, and even both chewing and swallowing problems over time. Depending on the nature of the misalignment in question, patients can also experience issues with proper speech and excessive strain on the facial muscles. Many patients who forego braces also experience chronic pain. In short, investing in braces may make it easier to smile with confidence but it may also save you from a great deal of discomfort and health-related complications as well.

Our Experienced Orthodontics Practice Can Help

If you reside in Southern California and you or your child could benefit from a San Clemente, CA braces consultation, contact our practice today; we look forward to meeting with you.