Braces In Dana Point, CA

The Benefits of Getting Braces

Braces, Dana Point, CAWhen many people think of going to the dentist, they are met with fear and anxiety. If you mention to a child or an adult that they should get braces, those fears are usually amplified. However, braces are for great to use to straighten your teeth, there are also many other benefits as well. When getting braces, Dana Point, CA only trusts John Redmond Orthodontics.

Here are some of the best benefits of getting braces at any age:

  • Braces can prevent gum disease. Gum disease can cause your mouth trouble if you are not taking care of your gums and teeth properly. Braces help space your teeth correctly so you can brush and floss your teeth easily each time. Without having your teeth straightened with brace by Dana Point’s favorite orthodontist, food could become lodged in between your teeth more easily, which could way more problems than just gum disease.
  • Braces inhibit tooth decay. Another common issue caused by not brushing your teeth correctly is tooth decay. Bacteria grows in the tiny crevices of your teeth which causes acid to potentially build. The acid can then cause your teeth’s enamel, a protective barrier for your teeth, to grow thin.
  • Braces prevent cavities. If you are able to catch a cavity early, they can be easy to ger rid of. But if you allow the cavities to grow, they will need to be treated more in-depth, which can be very expensive. Braces are able to prevent this by spreading your teeth out so you have the ability to clean your mouth better. Essentially, being able to access the small spots in between each of your teeth is important to keep your teeth healthy.
  • Braces help with digestion. Our orthodontist from Dana Point, CA can tell you that with the use of braces, your teeth will become properly straightened which will allow your mouth to chew food into tiny bits. By chewing your food into small bites, your stomach is then easier to digest the pieces rather than large chunks.
  • Braces help with speech improvement. By having disproportionate teeth, it can impact the way we say our words. If teeth are not straightened, it can be difficult for someone to create certain sounds. In addition to helping with the health of your teeth, getting braces can also help the way you speak.
  • Braces prevent injuries. If you have protruding upper teeth, they can be very vulnerable to getting injured if you’re in an accident. These accidents can include car accidents, falling, or through sports.
  • Braces can prevent bone erosion. Another common occurrence with misaligned teeth is bone loss. This is because bone loss takes place when bacteria begins deteriorating bones. However, the orthodontists in Dana Point, CA can explain that braces will make erosion less likely to occur. Braces help realign the teeth to limit this from occurring.

There are many benefits of getting braces. Not only does getting braces help cosmetically, but they can drastically help with overall oral health too. When deciding on an orthodontist for braces, Dana Point, CA trusts John Redmond Orthodontics. Contact John Redmond Orthodontics today to schedule an appointment.

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