4 Common Orthodontic Myths

4 Common Orthodontic Myths 


There are numerous myths out there about orthodontics that can prevent people from getting the right treatment that they need. Chances are that you likely have heard about at least one of the common myths about it. Having false or misleading information to support your decision making can result in you not getting the proper care that you need. The following statements are just a couple of the myths that many people believe about orthodontics and dental health. 

Only kids need braces 

Many people think of braces as something that many children get while they are in elementary or middle school. However, braces are not just a treatment for children, though they do make up a sizable portion of patients who receive them. It is common for adults to receive them as well, because they can develop orthodontic issues later on in life.  Adults may have spacing issues, bite problems, or overcrowded teeth that can require braces. 

Orthodontic care is painful 

While getting treated for any kind of dental issue can cause you to feel discomfort, it doesn’t mean that getting care is painful. A highly trained and experienced orthodontist will make sure that you are as comfortable as possible if you are getting dental treatment, regardless of whether you are getting metal braces, aligners, or undergoing tooth removal. As a qualified Laguna Niguel, CA orthodontist like one at John Redmond Orthodontics can tell you, there are many techniques that an orthodontist will use to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable and pain-free as possible. 

I only need to see an orthodontist if I have a serious issue

Orthodontic care focuses on preventative care as much as treating existing dental problems. When you see an orthodontist for a mild issue, you are getting your dental issue fixed early so that it doesn’t progress into a more serious condition. It is important to treat these seemingly small issues as early as possible. If you have even a mild form of tooth decay, slightly misaligned jaw, or even a few overcrowded teeth, if left untreated these issues can become more serious problems much later on. 

Gaps don’t need to be fixed

Another common orthodontic issue involves the spacing between teeth. There could be teeth that are too far apart from each other. A patient who has poorly spaced teeth can experience tooth decay and other problems due to food particles passing through the teeth more easily. Orthodontists can treat spacing issues in patients by installing braces, which move the teeth closer together so that the space between them isn’t as wide. 

Getting the right information about orthodontic health is crucial if you want to receive the most appropriate and effective dental treatment for you. If you have any questions about information that you have heard, bring them up to a skilled orthodontist so that they can give you detailed answers. If you think you may need specialized orthodontic care or would like to know if you need them, talk to an orthodontist so that they can diagnose and treat your condition.