Many people believe that braces are only common among children and teenagers, but the truth is that braces can be suitable for any age. When a person has dental issues like spacing, misalignment, or would simply just want to improve the look of their smile, they may consider braces as an option. If you are looking to get braces, you may benefit from consulting with a skilled orthodontist like one from John Redmond Orthodontics about your options. However, before you get braces, there are a couple of points that you should know. 

Ask About Experience and Background

Orthodontics is a unique field within general dentistry that focuses on irregularities in the teeth and jaw. An orthodontist typically will have three years of training for certification in the specialty. When you are finding the right orthodontist to get braces, ask them questions about how long they have been in practice and types of cases they have worked on. You should hire one who has worked on clients with similar issues to yours. 

You Can Choose From Several Types

With many advancements in the field of orthodontics over the years, many types of braces have been developed. Patients are no longer limited to the conventional metal braces which can be uncomfortable to wear. Others might prefer braces that are more subtle. The types of braces that you can choose from include metal, ceramic, self-ligating, aligners, and clear braces. Talk to your orthodontist about your preferences and they can explain the suitable options for you. 

Pay Attention to Aftercare

Once you get your braces on, you have to be extra mindful about how often you brush and floss. An orthodontist in Oceanside, CA may recommend brushing and flossing three times a day. You should also be mindful about foods to eat so you do not damage your braces. Certain foods might get stuck in between your braces and it may be hard to clean the gaps in between your braces and teeth. An orthodontist may recommend tools such as an electric water flosser to help you clean hard-to-reach places. 

If you are wanting to correct certain tooth irregularities or get a brighter, winning smile, braces may be the right option for you. Braces have helped many people get a smile that they love and boosts their confidence. Talk to a trusted and experienced orthodontist to learn more about the benefits of getting braces.