What Should I Know About Wisdom Teeth? 

What Should I Know About Wisdom Teeth? 

Pain affecting wisdom teeth is a common issue among many people. If you are a teenager or are in your early adult years, you may experience wisdom teeth complications that may require their partial or complete removal. When you have questions regarding wisdom teeth removal, you can turn to an Orange County, CA-based orthodontist like one at John Redmond Orthodontics for answers. There are many misconceptions about wisdom teeth, so an orthodontist can clearly explain the facts. They will talk you through what you can expect from the procedure and how to maintain your oral health. 

Causes of Wisdom Teeth Issues

A variety of things may cause wisdom teeth issues. Some causes that may prompt an orthodontist to recommend an extraction include overcrowded teeth, teeth damage, or infection. If your teeth are growing in the wrong direction (impacted) it can cause pain, swollen gums, and affect the alignment of your teeth. 


In order to remove your wisdom teeth, you will be placed under either local or general anesthesia. If you need just one tooth removed, you will likely be put under local anesthesia, but if you need more than one or all of your teeth removed, the orthodontist may recommend general anesthesia. This is especially true if you have complications or if you prefer this method. Once you are put under, the orthodontist will cut along the gums to extract the wisdom teeth. The entire process takes roughly an hour to complete. 

Do You Need Them Removed? 

Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed. If your teeth are growing correctly and are not affecting nearby teeth, you may not need to get them replaced. An orthodontist will determine whether your teeth will likely cause you future problems. If you are feeling pain, tenderness, stiffness in your jaw, and other problems as a result of your wisdom teeth, you may likely need your wisdom teeth removed. 

Recovery Time

Right after your surgical procedure, you may feel soreness in your mouth and jaw area. The full recovery time varies for everyone, but if you have multiple teeth removed, you can expect the pain to last a few days or about a week. 

If you are experiencing pain or other issues regarding your wisdom teeth, go to an orthodontist like one at John Redmond Orthodontics and they will see if you need to have them removed so that you can maintain a healthy smile. Addressing issues before they worsen is crucial, so talk to an experienced orthodontist if you need more information about wisdom teeth.