What Seniors Can Do After A Fall


For seniors who are aging in place, it’s imperative to understand what to do in the moments after. 


This guide, although intended to inform, is not all-encompassing. Never push yourself past your own comfort level and try to trust your instincts. Always talk to your primary caregiver or registered nurse to help coordinate a plan should you suffer a slip and fall. If you have any health conditions or or are living with limited mobility, talk with your doctor on the best way to manage a fall. 

Don’t rush to get back up

The best thing you can do after a fall is to take a moment of silence. Stay still, take a few breaths, and wait a few minutes before getting up. This period of time allows you some recalibration and an assessment period. 

Assess yourself after the fall

After falling, it’s important to check in with your body. Do you feel as though you have enough strength to get up on your own? Do you need assistance getting up? Are you experiencing any pain? Can you move your hands and feet without pain? Can you do the same with your arms and legs?

If you feel that you have been injured, try to wait for medical assistance, as you may exacerbate the injury if you move further. If you find yourself dizzy, attempt to wait until you have assistance. A dizzy spell may cause further falls if you are not careful.

Roll onto your side

Once you’ve assessed that you are without injury, you can begin slowly rolling onto your side. This process is segmented: beginning with the head, then the shoulders, then the torso, the knees, and ending with the feet. Once that process is completed and you are on your side, take a break!

Crawl towards a sturdy piece of furniture

After you have rolled to your side, continue the process until you are on your hands and knees. From here, you can crawl to the nearest sturdy piece of furniture. You’ll want to grip the furniture with both hands, bringing one leg up to make contact with the floor. Using your arms and legs, push yourself onto the piece of furniture. Once there, rest before resuming walking as normal.