What Foods May Be Ruining My Dental Health?

Orthodontist in San Clemente, CA

When it comes to your dental health, both what you choose to eat and your daily cleaning practices matter, as an orthodontist in San Clemente, CA can attest. There are many foods out there that can contribute to plaque, which is a sticky film that is filled with bacteria. Plaque buildup can lead to issues such as decay of the teeth and/or gum disease. When picking what you eat and drink, you may want to consider the health of both your teeth and body.
With that being said, many people may ask what food and drink options could be ruining their dental health. Here we have listed the top liquids and snacks that may not be helping keep your teeth pristine:
#1 Carbonated Sugary Drinks
Drinks like soda are probably at the top of the list for some of the worst things for your teeth. These fizzy drinks can coat your mouth with sugar, which ultimately becomes like a tooth-decaying acid. Try to limit your soda intake and when you do indulge, be sure to wait no less than twenty minutes before brushing your teeth.
#2 Overly Sugary Candy
Candy, in general, can be very rough on your teeth, but the types with added sugar on top can be particularly damaging. Sugary sour candies contain an acid that wears down enamel, along with sticking to your teeth for a long duration of time. When this gooey substance gets trapped between or on top of your teeth, it can contribute to plaque build-up and tooth decay.
#3 Bread
When you chew on bread, saliva helps break down these starches into sugar. What was once perhaps a crunchy yet soft bite, is now a paste-like consistency that can find its way between teeth to cause cavities. When you eat bread, try to purchase varieties that contain less added sugars (like whole wheat).
#4 Citrus Fruits
It is hard to not love the fresh yet delicious bite of a citrus fruit. Despite giving the body a slew of healthy vitamins, fruits like grapefruits and oranges are also full of acid that can erode enamel on teeth. After having citrus fruit, drink a glass of water as a way to rinse away this acidity.
#5 Alcoholic Drinks
The majority of us are well aware that alcohol isn’t really good for our body. On top of that, it is not healthy for your teeth either. When you drink alcohol, you may experience intense dry mouth afterwards. If our mouth gets deprived of saliva, it can be harder for us to wash down food particles. If you do drink, have a glass of water in between alcoholic beverages. If your dry mouth still isn’t better, consider using oral hydration rinses regularly.
#6 Potato Chips
It is not uncommon for people to love the salty yet crunchy feeling of having a potato chip snack. It can be a satisfying food that settles intense cravings for salt too. But, because potato chips are a starch so it ultimately becomes sugar after being broken down. Particles can easily get left behind, so after having a bag of chips grab your floss to get out the rest that you weren’t able to after rinsing with water.
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