What Do Orthodontists Do Besides Braces?

When you think of going to an orthodontist for your orthodontic care, you may be thinking that your teeth are pretty straight and you do not need braces. After all, this is what orthodontists are best known for, right? They can provide you with that straight smile you have always wanted by setting you up with metal braces or invisible retainers to get you there. However, orthodontists can do so much more for you than just provide you with a braces treatment plan. Instead, you can go to them if you are experiencing pain or even if you are not entirely sure what you would like for them to fix. 

Are you still wanting that straight smile? 

If you do not have the straight smile you want but do not want to go through the “braces phase,” an orthodontist has you covered. There are other options to getting metal braces, including invisible aligners. It is important to note that while many people on social media are touting the ability to get aligners without an orthodontist’s help, you do not want to go on a random website to get these aligners. An orthodontist is going to take the time and care to take pictures of your mouth, give you a thorough exam, and provide you with different trays that slowly and safely bring your teeth into alignment. You want to make sure that when you are getting aligners for a straighter smile that you go directly to the trusted source, like an orthodontist Orange County, CA relies on from John Redmond Orthodontics. Your orthodontist can also help with: 

  • Retainers. If you have already had braces or aligners and would like to keep the shape of your teeth intact, your orthodontist can provide you with a retainer that fits your mouth well. 
  • Jaw appliances. When your jaw is out of alignment, this can not only cause you pain but it can also cause problems with eating and sleeping. Jaw repositioning appliances can help you with getting your jaw to close in a more natural way. 
  • Headgear. For those who have children who need orthodontic work, your orthodontist may recommend using headgear. This can help when the patient needs to slow their jaw growth and ensures the teeth come into the right place at the appropriate time. 
  • Space Maintainers. If your child has lost his or her baby teeth earlier than normal, you may want to speak with your orthodontist about getting them space maintainers. This can help so that other teeth do not begin to grow into the area where the other tooth was. This can cause problems with crowding and pain for your child down the road. 

When you are looking into orthodontic work for you or a loved one, it is important to speak with someone you can trust. Give your local orthodontist a call today to learn more about what kind of work you may need to have done.