What Causes Spacing Issues?

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Do you have spaces between your teeth that you’d like to get rid of? Are you in Orange County, CA and looking for a “tooth doctor”? If so, you’re in the right place. We at John Redmond Orthodontics are seasoned teeth specialists who can repair your misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, and gaps. To start your journey of having straight teeth, consult with the most passionate orthodontist Laguna Niguel, CA has in the city. 

What Causes Spacing Issues?

If there are gaps between your teeth, this may have been a cause for insecurity. If so, this is not a need to be embarrassed. Our expert orthodontist in Laguna Niguel, CA will close those gaps between your teeth. You may also wonder what causes these spaces to form. After all, not everyone has spaces between their teeth, so why do you?

The professional term for a space or gap between your teeth is “diastema”. Common causes of diastema are gum disease, jaw size, and a large labial frenum. 


Gum disease is a preventable illness that impacts your gums and jaw. It often causes your gums to swell and recede. Swollen gums can push your teeth apart as the gums grow in size. 

Genetics typically determines jaw size and teeth. Some people are born with jaws that are naturally larger than others, causing their teeth to spread out. Some people are born with teeth that are naturally smaller than their jaw size so that there is a space between each tooth.

Other factors, which occur over your lifespan, may be the cause, as well. Did you know that your teeth are mobile and can shift over the years? If you get a tooth extracted, suck on your thumb, or lose an adult tooth, your teeth will likely shift over time.

How Can You Correct Teeth Spacing Issues?

Stopping by for a consultation is the best way to start your journey to a straighter smile and getting rid of spaces between your teeth. However, we understand that you may want to know some of what you’re getting into and what your options may be before you come to visit us.

How we’ll go about closing the gaps between your teeth varies depending on the underlying cause of the gaps. Often, genetics determines the size of your jaw. If your jaw is large, your teeth might be forced to spread out. If so, you may require braces or jaw surgery. For other causes, you may need or prefer dental bonding. If you’ve had a tooth extracted, you may need a tooth implant or two. If gum disease is the cause, improving your oral hygiene should be our first step.


Having spaces between your teeth doesn’t mean that you have poor oral hygiene. It doesn’t mean that you have an unattractive smile. In fact, some cultures consider a gap between your front teeth attractive. However, spaces between your teeth can increase the risk of gum disease, bad breath, and other issues if you don’t clean these spaces properly. Some people want these spaces removed because they’d prefer a straighter smile. Whatever your reason for wanting your teeth aligned, John Redmond Orthodontics is at your service. Contact the best orthodontist Laguna Niguel, CA to get the perfect smile.