The Motorcycle Accident Injury You May Not Think About: Dental Damage

Orthodontist Dana Point, CA

Motorcycle accidents are bound to be painful, stressful, and expensive to endure. In many cases, it is an irresponsible driver who caused the accident, and now the motorcyclist must suffer the consequences of these actions. Motorcyclists are vulnerable to various types of injuries. The one injury not many people may think about, include facial wounds and dental damage. Even with a full coverage helmet, teeth can sustain cracks, fractures, and fall out from the impact.

Q: Can dental injuries cause disfigurement?

A: If injuries of the mouth, jaw, and teeth are not treated promptly after an accident, facial disfigurement may result. Teeth that are damaged must be fixed so the person can continue to eat, sleep, breathe, and maintain their employment. Teeth are not like broken bones or other body parts, in that they cannot heal on their own without medical assistance. In some cases, the damage may be so severe that surgery is needed for the injuries to heal completely and correct disfigurement.

Q: What dental injuries are often seen in motorcyclist victims?

A: When a motorcyclist is thrown from his or her bike, the face may hit the pavement with substantial force. Even with a helmet on, various kinds of dental damage may ensue. Teeth may become cracked, knocked out, dislodged, or fractured. Here we have gone into further detail about these conditions:

  • Chipped/cracked teeth: teeth that are partially chipped may still need dental work, such as corners being buffed smooth or porcelain veneers installed. Severely cracked teeth may need a dental crown to provide support and stability to the tooth.
  • Avulsed teeth: teeth that were knocked out completely may be salvageable, depending on how quickly dental help can be sought and how the tooth is preserved in the meantime. Otherwise, avulsed teeth may have to be replaced with an implant or dental bridge instead.
  • Dislodged teeth: teeth can become loose but not fully pushed out of the socket, and may turn sideways or wiggle within the gumline. Do not attempt to pull out a dislodged tooth yourself, even if it feels loose enough to tug out. You may cause unnecessary additional pain by doing it yourself.
  • Broken jawbone: a broken jaw may require surgery to put back into place, or wired shut to heal on its own for a specific period of time. A dentist can assess the damage to determine what the best course of action is for treatment.

Q: What can I do to seek compensation for dental damage due to the accident?

A: There are several actions motorcycle accident victims can take, to help seek compensation for their damages and losses. Visit your orthodontist Dana Point, CA trusts and conventional medical doctor for a full assessment and treatment plan. Collect evidence of what happened, including photos or videos from the scene, a copy of the police report, witness contact information, and receipts for all out of pocket medical expenses. You may then want to talk with an attorney about your options for suing the driver responsible for the terrible wreck.
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