Signs You May Need To See An Orthodontist

You may need a dentist who specializes in jaw and teeth problems like an orthodontist Orange County residents trust to receive quality dental treatment. Orthodontists can treat a variety of issues like bite problems, overcrowded teeth, spacing issues, and jaw misalignment.  It is important to treat these issues while they are mild or before they begin. There are several things you should consider if you think you need to see an orthodontist.

When should I get braces? 

Braces are often associated as a treatment that children or teenagers get, but adults may need them as well when they develop certain dental issues later in their life.  You may need braces if you are noticing signs such as spaced out teeth, misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, or overcrowding. Braces are a cost-effective treatment for a range of dental issues, and an orthodontist can help you understand your options. There are many types of braces to choose from, such as the traditional metal braces or clear ones like Invisalign. You can explore possible treatment options that could be right for you by meeting with an orthodontist.

How are overbites and underbites treated? 

Bite problems are common in many patients. These issues can be caused by teeth that are not positioned correctly or jaw issues. Overbites and underbites are frequent issues. They occur when the top and bottom jaw cannot close the right way, resulting in an uneven bite. The upper or lower jaw needs to be properly aligned to avoid issues chewing, eating, as well as eliminate and prevent pain. Treatment methods to fix bite problems include aligners and braces. An orthodontist can examine any problems with your jaws so that the bite problem can be corrected and your set of teeth will be able to align normally.

Can an orthodontist fix my jaw problem? 

Limited jaw movement may indicate that you may have a deeper problem with your jaw. When the jaw cannot function or close correctly, it can lead to symptoms like pain, discomfort, and clicking sounds. You may have trouble fully extending your mouth. If a patient is unable to comfortably move their jaw, it can prevent them from eating normally, chewing, drinking, and talking. A jaw issue can progress to a more serious condition if it is left untreated. A trained and skilled orthodontist can diagnose your jaw issue to determine the best treatments that can improve your flexibility and range of motion. 

I have a hard time eating. Do I have a jaw issue? 

If you are noticing that you are having issues with eating, it may be a sign that you are suffering from some kind of jaw or bite issue that needs to be resolved. Possible causes could be that you have some tooth decay, your jaw is misaligned, or that you are having problems with your bite. Poor dental health can prevent you from being able to eat properly, so you should have them corrected by an orthodontist as soon as possible. A trained and qualified Orange County orthodontist like ours at John Redmond Orthodontics will diagnose your condition and restore your ability to eat comfortably again. 

When should I see an orthodontist for pain? 

Tooth pain or pain in your jaw may point to a more serious dental issue if it is persistent or you are not able to tolerate the pain. While some toothaches or jaw aches go away on their own, some are caused by more underlying problems like an injury or uneven bite. Do not delay treatment if you have pain or discomfort that is not going away. An orthodontist will examine your teeth and find out what exactly is causing your pain so that they can determine the best treatment. Find out more about orthodontic services by scheduling an appointment with a qualified and experienced orthodontist now at our offices.