Signs You May Need Braces

Getting braces is something that most people do not look forward to. However, it could be the right solution to your particular dental problems. Braces are suitable for a number of different conditions, such as large gaps, uneven teeth and overcrowding. If you are wondering if you may benefit from getting braces, set up an orthodontic appointment so that the orthodontist can evaluate your teeth. There are several signs that you should look out for that could indicate you may need braces to fix your orthodontic issue. 

How can braces help my crooked teeth? 

Having severely crooked teeth is not only an aesthetic issue, but it can cause a number of complications. When you have crooked teeth, you can have a hard time chewing food or speaking clearly. Braces can gradually reposition your teeth so that they are in the right spot. Eliminating crooked teeth can take several months or even up to two years, depending on how severe the misalignment is. 

How can I fix the wide gaps between my teeth?

Many people have gaps between their teeth, some wider than others. Wider gaps between teeth can be problematic not just because they are unsightly, but because they can cause issues with chewing food as well as speech issues. Large gaps can make it harder to chew food, and it can cause some smaller pieces of food to get lodged in the gaps between teeth. If you have gaps in your teeth that are too large or if you have multiple gaps, braces can fix the issue.

Can braces correct overcrowding? 

Overcrowded teeth is another common reason that many people get braces. When teeth are concentrated in one spot, it can cause tooth pain and bite issues. You can have a skilled Laguna Niguel, CA orthodontist examine your teeth to see if there are any places that are too crowded. Teeth can become overcrowded when one or more teeth are growing towards other teeth, or external causes such as accidents. Wearing braces can help to move the tooth in the right position and ensure that they grow in the right direction. 

How can I fix misaligned upper and lower teeth?

You can trust  a skilled orthodontist like one at John Redmond Orthodontics to evaluate your jaws and see if there are any issues preventing your upper and lower set of teeth from aligning the way that they should. Abnormal jaw structure can lead to bite issues which can be corrected by braces. Braces could help to restore the alignment so that both sets of teeth make contact properly.