Signs That You May Need Braces

Signs That You May Need Braces


Many people who have gotten braces have achieved a much better-looking smile as a result. While braces can make people feel self-conscious, they are highly effective. As an experienced and highly qualified Laguna Niguel orthodontist like one at John Redmond Orthodontics can tell you, braces are one of the best treatments for many types of teeth and jaw issues. Here are some signs that you should look for that may signal whether you need braces. 


People who have spacing issues may feel uncomfortable with their smile because the gaps are often big and noticeable. In addition to self-image problems, gaps between teeth caused by spacing problems are also not good for oral health. The gaps can make it much easier for food particles to get stuck and cause tooth decay. Gum disease and cavities can develop if they are not treated in time. Orthodontists treat large gaps between teeth with braces. The braces slowly move the teeth, gradually closing the gap so that it is not as noticeable or eliminates it completely. 


When there are too many teeth in the same area, it can lead to pain, sensitive gums and other problems. Many people have an overcrowding issue that makes it hard to chew food properly because the excess teeth makes it painful to bite down. Braces help to relieve pain from overcrowded or crooked teeth by re-aligning the teeth into the correct position. When crowded teeth are not fixed early, a patient can experience more serious dental problems like decay, gum disease and bad breath. 

Overbite and Underbite

A common issue that people have are overbites and underbites. A person has an overbite if their upper teeth extend further out than their lower teeth, while an underbite is the opposite problem, where a person’s lower teeth protrude more than the upper ones. While slight overbites and underbites do not usually cause problems that interfere with a person’s ability to chew and swallow food, some bite issues need to be corrected. Braces are effective at correcting these types of bite issues because the teeth are repositioned so that the upper and lower teeth align better. 

Open Bite

A unique type of bite problem is the open bite. As a Laguna Niguel orthodontist like one at John Redmond Orthodontics knows, open bites can lead to a variety of issues. This type of bite problem is when a person closes their jaw and their teeth do not make contact. Speech impediments and difficulty chewing can develop due to open bites. You could benefit from braces if you have an open bite, so talk to an orthodontist to see if it is the right treatment option for you. 

Getting braces may not be something to look forward to, but it may be necessary. Orthodontic care should not be ignored and neglected. Maintaining your oral health is an important part of staying healthy. Braces may be the right solution for you. If you have any kind of issue affecting your jaw, bite, or teeth, you may need specific treatments to address and fix your condition. Learn more about available services by seeing an orthodontist now.