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Pediatric Orthodontist San Clemente, CA 

Children experience many issues that can impact the health of their teeth and gums, as a San Clemente, CA pediatric orthodontist is knowledgeable about. Good dental care should start at an early age, and brushing and eating habits play a crucial role. However, some young patients may require seeing an orthodontist to correct common issues such as misaligned teeth or jaw problems, which can hinder how well they can eat or move their mouth. It is strongly recommended that children who have symptoms of orthodontic issues get treatment from an orthodontist from John Redmond Orthodontics as soon as possible. 

See a Qualified Orthodontist 

The team at John Redmond Orthodontics have many years of experience providing top-quality orthodontic care for their patients. Dr. John Redmond is knowledgeable about the latest advancements in general dentistry and orthodontics, and has years of experience treating a variety of conditions and issues that many patients experience, including children. We understand the importance of finding the right dental and orthodontic care that fits each patient’s unique needs. With our experienced and caring staff, we will carefully determine the appropriate personalized treatments so that every patient can receive the highest quality care and a smile that they love. 

Common Dental Issues In Children And Adolescents

The earlier that a dental issue is caught and resolved, the easier it can be treated. For children experiencing orthodontic problems, receiving dental care can be a daunting experience. However, our team has years of experience treating common issues such as: 

  • Crooked teeth. Many children and young adults have crooked or misaligned teeth, where teeth are not growing in the right direction. This is treated by gradually moving the tooth or teeth back in the proper position over time. 
  • Gaps between teeth. Spaces between teeth is another common orthodontic problem that young patients often have. Gaps can cause eating issues as well as tooth decay because food particles can become stuck in between teeth. 
  • Bite problems. An overbite or underbite occurs when the two halves of a jaw do not align correctly. The upper or lower part of the teeth may extend farther out, resulting in a misaligned jaw. 
  • Jaw pain. Pain in the jaw can be a result of sore muscles caused by grinding or joint dysfunction. Braces or surgery are some treatment options that can correct moderate or severe jaw pain. 

Orthodontic Treatments

Some of the most common orthodontic treatments and technologies used for patients include Invisalign, AcceleDent, iTero, and traditional metal braces. Through a combination of these various methods, patients can correct their teeth and bite problems much more efficiently over a shorter length of time. After a thorough consultation and exam, patients can better understand their condition and the possible treatment options that are best suitable for them.

Consult An Orthodontist Now 

Neglecting orthodontic issues can result in severe problems impacting children. Arrange a consultation with a qualified and highly experienced San Clemente pediatric orthodontist like one from John Redmond Orthodontics now to learn about your orthodontic treatment options for children and young adults.

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"Very happy with Dr. Redmond and his whole staff. Two of my three kids went here for braces and had a great experience. Very easy to make appointments. Would define recommend!."
Jen Dougherty
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