Orthodontist Laguna Niguel, CA

Orthodontist Laguna Niguel, CA

Finding an orthodontist in Laguna Niguel, CA can be a daunting task, as there are so many myths out there. How do you know what is real and what isn’t? This can be hard to track down as there are many views out there. While our team here at John Redmond Orthodontics strives to make everything as clear as possible we know that you may still know a few of the myths out there about orthodontics. 

Your smile matters and that is why we have decided to shed light on the most common myths about orthodontics. Read on to learn more about what myths are real and what myths are fake. 

6 Common Orthodontic Myths 

  1. Orthodontists are outrageously expensive. While the price can get up there, the cost of your treatment is often based on the complexity of your case. A simple case may only require a treatment plan that lasts for a few months, while others may take longer than that. In many cases there are also payment plans that fit the financial needs of your family, meaning treatment is accessible. 
  2. Orthodontic treatment is cosmetic. While the outcome is often a winning smile by the end of treatment, there is more than just cosmetic care happening. Orthodontists work to align your teeth and jaws, which means there is a better function in terms of biting, chewing, and speaking. A winning smile is just a positive outcome of all the work done. 
  3. Treatment takes years. Once again this is going to come down to the complexity of your case. You don’t want to rush the process as that can lead to more damage in the long run. However, not all treatment is going to take longer than a few months. You want to find an orthodontist who is committed to taking your health seriously. 
  4. Every dentist is an orthodontist. This is actually not true. Orthodontists are dentists but only 1 in 3 dentists are orthodontists. Just like how there are specialty doctors for different things, an orthodontist is a specialist in making sure your teeth and jaw function to the best of their ability. 
  5. Orthodontic treatment is only for children. Orthodontic treatment is available for all patients no matter their age. Teeth change, and life changes. No matter what an orthodontist is there to help you get that healthy smile. 
  6. Braces are bulky. Today’s braces are a far cry from what they used to be. Even the traditional metal braces have gotten a makeover with smaller brackets and thinner wires. However, there are far more options for braces now. There are even braces that go on the back of your teeth making them completely invisible to everyone. If brackets and wires don’t work for you there are aligners like Invisalign. 

When seeking care for your teeth, you can know that if you are searching for an orthodontist in Laguna Niguel, California then the team at John Redmond Orthodontics has your back. Reach out today, schedule your complimentary consultation and see what we can do for you.