Orthodontist In Oceanside, CA

orthodontist oceanside CADr. John Redmond graduated from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry with honors after he was done attending San Diego University. When choosing an orthodontist to help straighten your smile, you want someone who has a Master of Science degree in Craniofacial Biology, with a certificate in orthodontics from the University of Southern California.

It makes Dr. John look even more qualified when you learn that he completed his master’s thesis on digital orthodontics and treatment predictions. Dr. M John Redmond has a lot of professional affiliations behind him, too, such as American Association of Orthodontist, the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association, the Orange County Dental Association and the USC Orthodontic Alumni Association.

His team is made up of three RDA’s, one DA and one treatment coordinator. An RDA is a registered dental assistant, which means they perform a lot of duties when it comes to patient care—prep services like setting up trays, mixing any materials needed for a visit, they help clean the area after a visit, dispose of used items properly, keeping the office clean, tracking supplies availability and much more. Meanwhile, a DA is only legally allowed to greet patients and escort them to the room they are going to be receiving dental care in—this is because the DA is not registered but is probably undergoing training.

Redmond Orthodontics, a premier orthodontist in Oceanside, CA has had some of their RDA’s for years, such as Laurie, who has worked for Redmond Orthodontics for 26 years—and has 30 years of experience! This means you will be seeing the same people over and over; so, if you are someone who is anxious about the orthodontist, this may help lessen your anxiety.

This orthodontist in Oceanside, CA offers a variety of treatments—from braces, to Invisalign for adults or for teenagers, and they also offer AcceleDent, and iTero.  AcceleDent is an advanced orthodontic technique that causes the teeth to straighten up to 50% faster than braces or Invisalign. This equipment uses a “soft pulse” technology that applies vibrations to your teeth; these vibrations help increase cellular activity and causes your teeth to move faster.

Meanwhile, an iTero orthodontist treatment consists of the iTero scanner, which digitally captures the structure of your teeth and gums to create an impression of your teeth without that nasty molding that is typically used to create impressions. Because there is no need to wait for impressions, the doctor can create your Invisalign quicker, and get them to you faster; meaning your treatment will be shorter because you can get started faster.

 So if you or your children need orthodontic work done, reach out to Redmond Orthodontics to get Dr. John Redmond as your orthodontist in Oceanside, CA. He’s got the tools, the experience, and the expertise to treat you or your children’s teeth with care. He’ll ensure your smile is the best it can be, with the best tools available.