Orthodontics and Personal Injuries

Orthodontics and Personal InjuriesIf you have suffered dental injuries resulting from another person’s negligent act, there are some essential things to take note of. Dental injuries have a wide range of severity, and the treatment can also vary substantially depending on the type of damage. 

Some damages like minor chips and cracks to the outer layer of the tooth, may not need immediate treatment. However, if the damage is such that it penetrates to the inner layer of the tooth or to the roots, or multiple teeth have shifted and become dislodged, the treatment can be quite costly and may take months, if not years, to complete. 

Dental Injuries Can Be Traumatic

Some common issues surrounding dental injuries after an accident or traumatic event include:

  • Chipped, cracked, fractured, split, or broken teeth can vary in severity. The more severe the damage, the more costly the treatment can be. 
  • Avulsed teeth refers to teeth that have been entirely knocked out of their sockets. If the tooth is handled with care and intervention from a dental professional is sought within a few hours of the injury, the tooth may be saved. 
  • Luxated teeth refers to teeth that have become dislodged or loose in their sockets. A misplaced tooth will likely need to be stabilized to heal correctly. When there are multiple luxated teeth, an orthodontist can intervene with solutions. The orthodontic professional can stabilize the teeth with splinting. 
  • Jaw damage often occurs in accidents when the jaw contacts with a hard object. This type of trauma can lead to jaw misalignment. If it is not fixed by an orthodontist, this misalignment can cause long-term issues such as TMJ, irregular wear of the teeth, and difficulty biting and chewing.

Dental Professionals Can Help 

Medical bills have a way of adding up, and you may need to consider who is responsible for paying off this debt. Some dental injuries are resolved by a trip to the dentist’s office. However, more complicated cases may require the particular skills and treatment only an orthodontist can provide. At times, several dental professionals working together can provide the most comprehensive treatment plan.

Dental Injuries Require Timely Intervention

One of the essential steps to take for your long-term health and for a personal injury claim is to seek medical attention immediately. You should inform the medical professionals about the circumstances around your injury so they can provide you with the necessary documents you may need as evidence in a personal injury lawsuit. X-rays and other diagnostic tools used by a medical or dental professional to determine the extent of damage will be crucial to include in your claim, as well as records of the full evaluation and treatment. 

Medical bills and dental bills can add up, and if you’re also dealing with lost wages due to injury, you could end up in quite a bind. It can be stressful and time-consuming pursuing a personal injury claim for your tooth or jaw damage but might be well worth the effort. Seek out help from experienced orthodontists in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA

from John Redmond Orthodontics to get the process started and to get your orthodontic needs taken care of.  

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