Making People Smile Scholarship

At John Redmond Orthodontics, we value a smile that indicates a healthy mouth and happy person. We know that when people have the confidence to smile at others, they will have an easier time with social and professional interactions. From children to adults, we know the positive effects of fixing someone’s bite and/or straightening their teeth so that they can chew and talk correctly, and to confidently show show their smiles to the world. In our orthodontics practice, we do this by using cutting edge technology to medically correct the function and look of our patients’ mouths.

We believe in helping people to have healthier, happier smiles. We appreciate that we have the opportunity to do this every day we go to work. We feel lucky that we have built and a strong and trusted practice that allows us to further our own educations’ through ongoing learning about, and becoming certified in, new treatments and technologies.

We want to support the education of a student who is committed to helping people to live healthier and happier lives, and to be able to smile freely. We know there are many different ways to do this and that their are many different academic disciplines that can help students to achieve their goals of helping people.


Answer the following questions in an essay of 1,000 words or less:

  • In what way(s) do you currently work to help those around you want to smile?
  • When you have completed your education, what are your career goals?
  • What inspired you to want to work in the dental field?

Eligibility Criteria

  • This scholarship is open to any student who is currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate pre-dental major in the United States.
  • The scholarship applicant must be able to demonstrate a commitment to helping people through dental care.
  • All eligible candidates must be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above.

Application Materials

  • Resume
  • Essay, 1,000 word maximum. See essay prompt and questions in previous essay section.
  • Current unofficial transcript

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2023. All application materials must be submitted by this date.
Award Announcement: January 31, 2024 – Winner will be notified via email.
Scholarship Amount: $1,000

Application Instructions

Scholarship applicants must submit all application materials (see above) by email to: [email protected]

Please do not contact the office about the scholarship status after your submission.

Client Review

"Very happy with Dr. Redmond and his whole staff. Two of my three kids went here for braces and had a great experience. Very easy to make appointments. Would define recommend!."
Jen Dougherty
Client Review