Insurance Claims for Orthodontic Work After an Injury

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Personal injuries can happen to anyone and can be caused by any number of things. For example, you may be at a grocery store when you slip on a puddle of water and fall face-first into the floor. Or, you may be driving to work, obeying the traffic laws when out of nowhere someone hits your driver’s side door and causes serious damage to you and your car. In both instances, the accident may not be your fault at all but it may cause painful damage to your mouth and jaw. When this is the case, one of the first things you likely do after an accident like this is to speak with an attorney about filing a personal injury claim to pay for your injuries, but what about orthodontic treatment that you need after this type of injury? Is it possible to have your claim for the repairs? Orthodontists work with many patients who are working to get compensation for personal injuries, and you should speak with an office as soon as possible to discuss the ways they can help you and your attorney with your claim.

Are dental injuries from accidents really bad enough to receive compensation for?

The answer is yes, and you should never hesitate to call an orthodontist after you have been in a personal injury accident. Even if your dental injuries seem minor, a professional will have the tools and skills required to accurately assess the damage done, the best ways to treat the damage and give you an accurate value to submit in your personal injury claim. Common dental injuries we can help fix are:

  • Fractured Teeth. A fractured tooth is just like any other fractured bone you may have. It can affect the different layers of a tooth and cause minor to severe damage. Your orthodontist should treat this right away to stop the spread of bacterial infection which can cause further damage.
  • Fractured Root. When you suffer from a root fracture, it means that the tooth’s root is permanently destroyed. When this is the case, the orthodontist will not be able to save your original tooth and thus you will need an orthodontist to replace it with partial dentures or with an implant.
  • Avulsed Teeth. When your teeth are knocked out from their sockets, you should bring it into your appointment to see if they can place it back in the mouth. When it is left out for many hours, though, they may have to replace it completely. Your orthodontist may also wish to fit you with braces or a retainer in these situations so that your teeth can align correctly after the accident.
  • Broken Jaw Bones. Serious damage can occur when your jaw bone is broken or fractured. Your orthodontist may need to perform surgery to fix the jaw bone and may fit you with headgear to allow the jaw to grow back into its correct placement.

For more information on how an orthodontist in Dana Point, CA can help you after you have been in a personal injury accident and see how they can provide you the information you need for your legal claim, call today.

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