Important Dental & Braces Information

Important Dental & Braces InformationIf you have gotten braces recently, then you know it’s a big adjustment, and getting used to wearing orthodontics can be tricky. Whether you choose the traditional metal braces or you go with ceramic braces, your mouth will have to adjust to having orthodontic appliances in place once they’re installed. The appliances may then rub and scratch your gums, lips, and teeth, leading to mouth sores, blisters, and ulcerations. These mouth ulcers and sores occur most commonly when a patient has just gotten new orthodontic work, or if he or she had a recent adjustment to his or her braces.

Ways To Quickly Ease the Discomfort from Mouth Sores Caused By Braces

John Redmond Orthodontics has compiled a quick list of easy tips you can try to help ease the pain and discomfort of mouth sores or ulcers caused by braces. These useful tips for easing pain and discomfort include:

  • Dental wax: Dental wax is a fantastic tool for people who wear braces. This product is a tasteless wax that provides a simple and affordable way to prevent metal braces from irritating the mouth. Dental wax is readily available at most grocery stores, drug stores, or from your orthodontist’s office. It can be used liberally and applied as needed.
  • Numbing gel: If you already have a mouth sore and have irritation despite using dental wax, a numbing gel is a great way to help ease the pain. Numbing gel is also available at supermarkets and drugstores. Although it won’t heal your mouth ulcers or sores, it can help to relieve the pain so that you can get on with your day.
  • Avoid acidic foods: Acidic, spicy, or citrusy foods can increase the chances of irritation to the soft tissues of the mouth in people wearing braces. Moreover, foods such as oranges, tomatoes, or soda should probably be avoided to help prevent irritation in your mouth.
  • Salt water rinse: Salt water rinses are an excellent way to treat a mouth irritation caused by braces. You will combine warm water with a teaspoon of salt and swish the solution around your mouth for about a minute. You may feel a slight stinging or tingling sensation at first. Don’t be alarmed, though. This means it’s working and doing its job. The salt solution has a disinfectant action and can offer pain relief for up to a few hours.

Our experienced team is committed to ensuring a pleasant and practical orthodontic experience for each and every patient. If you are experiencing any unusual discomfort or other issues with your braces, we want to know about it right away. We’ll do our best to get you into the office to ease your pain as soon as possible. If you don’t already have braces but are considering getting them for yourself or a loved one, reach out to schedule a time for an evaluation and consultation with an orthodontist in Oceanside, CA from our clinic.

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