How Long Does Teeth Straightening Take?

There are multiple factors that can determine how long it will take to straighten a person’s teeth. As an experienced orthodontist Laguna Niguel, CA residents rely on from John Redmond Orthodontics can explain in detail during a consultation. Depending on your treatment needs, and how many treatments, it could be a step-by-step process that takes many years to complete. Or in some cases, when only one or two treatments are needed, it may take only a year or even less to complete. The variables are numerous, and really the only way to get a good estimate on the time needed to complete treatment is to meet with our orthodontist where you can have a consultation and evaluation to start discussing treatment options. Call us today to schedule your consultation!

  • Number of Treatments Required
    For some patients multiple treatments are needed to complete your teeth straightening, and it can be a real process. For instance, a spacer or expander may be needed to expand the roof of your mouth or space between teeth before braces can be placed. Or in other cases teeth may need to be pulled before moving teeth is an option. Each of these treatments can take time, so when added together it can be a lengthy process in some cases, but the time is worth the reward for most patients even though it does require some commitment. 
  • Extensiveness of Each Treatment
    Depending on the severity of each issue requiring treatment, it could alter the time needed to complete the treatment. For example, if your teeth are just crooked but not necessarily out of place, it may not take them much time with braces, or another method of teeth straightening, to complete your treatment. Or on the other hand, if your teeth are very out of place and crooked, it could take some time to move them to their proper places and straighten them so that they line up correctly. 
  • Commitment of the Patient
    Some orthodontic treatments require patient involvement and commitment in order to be effective. Such as if an expander is needed and has to be adjusted regularly at home, if that is not done as prescribed then the timeline could be increased. If you want your orthodontic treatment to go as quickly and smoothly as possible it is important to follow the instructions and plan set forth by your experienced orthodontist. If you have any questions or feel uncomfortable with the treatment, you should speak with your orthodontist about your concerns right away so that adjustments can be made to the treatment plan if needed.

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