Frequently Asked Questions: Wearing Braces

Frequently Asked Questions: Wearing Braces

Working with an orthodontist Orange County, CA patients, and families recommend is the most appropriate way step toward determining the proper form of treatment to meet your orthodontic needs. Orthodontic care involves treatment that changes and adjusts the positioning of the teeth, jaw, and soft tissue. This treatment is often incredibly complex, and an experienced orthodontist from John Redmond Orthodontics will be necessary to achieve the desired results. If your dentist has recommended a consultation with an orthodontist, it’s important not to delay. Treatment can improve a patient’s smile and adjust the bite and alignment of the jaw, which is imperative to ensuring oral health. An orthodontist may recommend braces as the most appropriate treatment for correcting issues, and it’s incredibly common to have several questions regarding the process. 

What are the most common options for braces?

Braces correct bite issues and misalignments, and the type of braces available will largely depend upon the specifics of the treatment plan. Additionally, with the number of options available, several other factors will be considered, such as the severity of the misalignment, cost, oral hygiene discipline, and aesthetic preference. Common options for those who require braces include:

  • INBRACE (lingual braces)
  • Metal Braces
  • Invisalign (aligners)
  • Ceramic Braces

What is the cost of braces?

The cost of braces can range depending upon the type of braces that are chosen. While metal braces cost anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000, aligners are $4,000 to $7,4000. Choosing ceramic or lingual braces may be a bit costlier than the other alternatives. It’s also important to note that prices will vary depending on location and whether the patient has access to dental insurance that covers a portion of treatment. While braces are an investment, keep in mind that they are an investment in oral health. Discuss payment options when meeting with an orthodontist Orange County, CA depends on. Many practices offer flexible payment options and can help you to understand what to expect financially. 

What is a typical treatment plan for braces?

The process begins with a consultation where an orthodontist will examine patients to determine their specific treatment needs. Typically they will take pictures, x-rays, and a study model, or a bite impression. Many orthodontists may even use computer imaging or forecasting to show how different treatments will adjust the bit and realign the jaw. Once they have been carefully assessed and diagnosed, an orthodontist will then make recommendations regarding the most appropriate type of device based on the patient’s needs. The following appointment to fit the device is usually the longest, lasting anywhere from one-two hours. Depending on the type of braces the patient chooses, subsequent appointments are usually scheduled every 4-8 weeks. Again, it’s important to note that treatment varies depending on whether a person has chosen more traditional braces or aligners. 

What is the best way to care for my braces?

Dental care varies, but no matter the type of braces, oral care is imperative to achieving the best possible results and avoiding decay. Patients should brush and floss after every meal and even use a water pick to remove any additional debris. Aligners should be removed and cleaned daily to remove any bacteria. Lastly, it’s crucial to eat a healthy diet and avoid sticky, chewy, or tough foods to prevent complications with aligners or hardware. 

If care from an Orange County, CA orthodontist has been recommended, it’s essential to seek treatment to avoid gum disease and worsening jaw problems. Get started with John Redmond Orthodontics to ensure your treatment needs are met!