Family Dentistry San Clemente, CA

All families need to consider family dentistry San Clemente, CA, residents rely on for both preventative care and treatment. Regular preventive maintenance is critical to ensure that more complicated issues do not arise. Additionally, parents will often wonder whether their child will require orthodontia in the years to come. John Redmond Orthodontics can help provide preventative treatment and help provide treatment plans should orthodontics be necessary. To prevent issues and ensure that you receive the proper dental care, contact our office today to get started. 


To mitigate deeper problems, prevention is essential. Throughout the course of anyone’s life, accessing dental care is critical. Maintaining good oral health starts with preventative dentistry and should begin in childhood. Having a dentist and dental hygienist provide regular care can help to stop problems before they start. Some ways to prevent broader issues down the road include:

  • Regular dental appointments
  • Teeth cleanings at least twice per year
  • X Rays on a routine basis
  • Dental Sealants
  • Screening for Oral Cancer
  • Teeth brushing at least 2x per day
  • Daily flossing
  • Avoid tobacco use
  • Mouthguard to reduce gum recession
  • Awareness of sugary food intake

Optimal oral health and dental prevention start with you. Taking control of your oral health requires both your commitment and regular preventative care from your dentist. 

Assessing Orthodontics

At some point or another, our dentist San Clemente, CA, residents turn to knows you will consider whether orthodontics is right for either yourself or your child. Children should be assessed between the ages of 5 and 7 for problems with alignment. The following are signs to look for when considering whether you or your child will need braces:

  • Teeth appear to be crooked or overcrowded
  • Trouble biting down
  • Difficulty having teeth touch when the mouth is at rest
  • Trouble chewing

Seeking care from an orthodontist to determine whether you require braces can help assess your needs moving forward. It’s crucial that you not put off professional care. Braces can come at a considerable expense, which is why some may put off treatment. There are many options available for treatment, and our team will work closely with patients to determine treatment plans and present the available option. 

Take Action to Prevent Further Issues

Keeping your oral health at the forefront prevents further problems from arising down the road. Putting your oral health first should always be a priority, and by doing so, patients experience many benefits, including better dental hygiene, improved self-esteem, corrected misaligned jaw, and more. Find an experienced dentist in your area who can provide you with:

  • A dentist who is a member of the American Dental Association
  • A practice that offers holistic dental treatment
  • A practice who can provide treatment for your specific needs
  • A dentist within your insurance network

Finding the right dentist is critical to ensuring that you receive the best treatment provider, reduce the risk of decay, and prevent further issues from arising. 

John Redmond Orthodontics provides high-quality treatment to California residents. To take control of your dental hygiene, receive proper treatment, and reduce the risk of further issues, contact our family dentistry practice in San Clemente, CA, as soon as possible.