Dental Issues That Orthodontists Treat

When should I see an orthodontist? 

When you need to see an orthodontics specialist, getting treatment from one who holds the proper qualifications and experience for your specific condition is critical. An orthodontist is able to treat dental conditions that specifically impact the jaw, bite, alignment or spacing of teeth. If you have an orthodontic condition, it should be treated immediately before it progresses to a more severe stage. The longer that you wait, the more difficult your condition may be to treat. Here are some common dental issues that you may want to see an orthodontist like one from John Redmond Orthodontics for. Treating complex orthodontics issues requires special care. If you would like to find out how you can get treatment options from an orthodontist that many patients trust to maintain their dental health, set up an appointment immediately. 

Is malocclusion and alignment the same thing? 

Alignment issues are also known as malocclusion. When teeth are properly aligned, the upper and lower sets of teeth should meet. Misalignment can lead to bite issues, which need to be corrected because they can cause other problems in the future. A patient with misaligned teeth can have a hard time biting or chewing food. It can also affect a person’s self-image or self-confidence. When you have severely misaligned teeth, you can have an experienced Orange County, CA orthodontist to evaluate your set of teeth and determine the best treatment options. 

What are the effects of overcrowded teeth? 

When teeth are overcrowded, it can cause pain and difficulty speaking, chewing, biting, and drinking. Not addressing crowding issues can result in consequences later on, and the crowding  can become worse. Overcrowding can also result in cosmetic issues and change the look of a person’s smile. Orthodontists can treat overcrowded teeth by removing the teeth or gradually adjusting the affected teeth so that it is not too crowded in one area. They can improve the look and alignment of the teeth so that they are much more balanced and evenly spread. 


When teeth are too spaced out, it can lead to problems like large gaps and speech issues. An orthodontist can fix spacing issues through treatments such as braces and aligners. Large gaps or multiple gaps between teeth can make it difficult to chew food, or cause small particles of food to get stuck and cause tooth decay. If you have a spacing issue, a trained and qualified Orange County, CA orthodontist can come up with treatment solutions so that your teeth can be more evenly spaced out.


An abnormal eruption is when one tooth is protruding from your gums in an area different from where the rest of the teeth are. The tooth may be growing in a different direction or may be growing towards other teeth, resulting in impacted teeth. An eruption can be difficult to live with and it can cause issues with chewing, swallowing, breathing, and jaw pain. You can talk to an orthodontist to see what kind of treatment options are available for you so that you can get the relief that you need from an abnormal eruption.