Common Orthodontic Problems


Orthodontists deal with many different dental issues, both medical and cosmetic. Below are a few of the most common orthodontic problems encountered by an orthodontist in San Clemente, CA:
Crowded teeth occur when the patient does not have enough space in his or her jaw to accommodate their teeth. In such cases, the teeth will force their way forward or backward in an attempt to find space. As a result, it is difficult to clean the affected teeth and this could cause them to decay. This condition also causes the affected teeth to wear out more than others.
Spaced teeth happen when there is a lot of available space for the teeth in the patient’s jaw. As a result, the teeth will have large gaps in between. This causes food to stick between your teeth and leads to the accumulation of plaque.
Protruding teeth  is a common condition affecting the upper jaw whereby the patient’s teeth extend outward. Such teeth are likely to be damaged if/when a patient falls or is involved in sports or if he or she fails to prevent their lower teeth from growing. The lower teeth may grow larger and cause irritation or injury to your mouth.
This is a condition whereby the lower jaw extends beyond the upper jaw. This causes the same problem associated with an overbite or protruding teeth.
Cross bite is a condition whereby the teeth of one arch fit inside another arch and others protrude outside. For instance, when the upper molars grow inside the lower molars and the upper incisors grow outside your lower molars. This causes significant difficulties when chewing and causes a lot of damage and uneven wear of the teeth.
There are various treatment types for these differing dental problems. Your orthodontist or dental doctor will examine your specific situation and discuss with you the best way to treat them, be it braces, invisalign, INBRACE, or some other form of treatment or perhaps, a combination of a few.
To learn more about how to best treat your orthodontic or dental problems, contact a skilled physician like those at John Redmond Orthodontics for more insight.