Common Orthodontic Issues

There are many reasons that a person may need to seek help from an orthodontist. Often, people think that they should visit their dentist twice a year and that this is enough to help maintain their oral hygiene. However, additional care may be needed by visiting your orthodontist. An orthodontist can help with more severe oral or jaw issues and can give you the beautiful and healthy smile you have been looking for. Whether you are going for health reasons or cosmetic, you can expect your orthodontist will take great care with giving you the treatment you need. 

What are common orthodontic procedures? 

A Laguna Niguel, CA orthodontist, like one from John Redmond Orthodontics, knows that you may be visiting your orthodontist for more than one reason. There are common issues that come up in the oral hygiene world and your orthodontist will give you a thorough exam and treatment options that can help with the problems you are dealing with. 

  • Spacing issues. Spacing problems are all too common. While some people have a gap in just their top two teeth, others may experience many gapping and spacing issues that cause food to get stuck easily. This can be caused by missing teeth, issues with the patient’s jaw bone size not matching their teeth size, or even bad habits, like thumb sucking.  
  • Impacted teeth. If you have teeth that are unable to erupt in the mouth, this is known as impacted teeth. It is common in the upper canines. This may happen for genetic reasons or could be caused by crowding. 
  • Overbite. This happens when the top front teeth protrude out farther than the lower front teeth. The cause of this is most commonly genetics and happens as a result of the way a person’s jaw develops. 
  • Underbite. Similarly, an underbite, also commonly caused by genetics, happens when a person’s lower teeth protrude farther out than their upper teeth.
  • Crowding. When your jaw is unable to accommodate the number and size of your teeth, this is called crowding. Crowding can make it very difficult to clean teeth as some teeth may overlap others. 

These are just a few of the issues that a person may need to see their orthodontist for. It is also possible that your orthodontist will need to create a treatment plan that aims to fix more than one of these issues at the same time. Orthodontists have many different treatment options available depending on what problem–or problems–you are facing. While some of the fixes may be for cosmetic purposes and can help you gain more confidence, it is also important to learn how orthodontic care can help you take back control of your oral hygiene. 

Are you ready for your orthodontic treatment? 

When you are ready to learn how you can improve your oral health, call to schedule an appointment today. Your orthodontist will take great care in learning more about what problems you are dealing with so that they can set you up with a treatment plan that gives you a more beautiful, healthy smile.