Are My Teeth Too Crooked to Get Clear Aligners?

Rancho Mission Viejo, CA Orthodontist

For many patients, traditional braces aren’t the most desirable answer. They don’t like the look of metal wires and brackets. Or, perhaps they don’t want to be inconvenienced by the cleaning and dental hygiene challenges of traditional braces. Or, maybe they are uncomfortable with the idea of metal breaking and causing issues in their mouths. Fortunately, an ideal option is available for these people. Clear or invisible aligners are an excellent way to correct problems with poor tooth alignment. 

At John Redmond Orthodontics, you can get treatment with Invisalign® clear aligners. These clear aligners use a series of custom trays that cover each tooth and are strategically placed to move them where they need to go. They are constructed of smooth, clear acrylic, making them very comfortable. And, perhaps best of all, they can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, flossing, and for any other issue where they need to be out of the way. Assuredly, that’s something you can’t do with regular braces. 

However, you may wonder if anyone in any situation can get clear aligners, or can the teeth be too crooked for them to be successful?

What Can Clear Aligners Fix?

Clear aligners can fix mild to moderate levels of underbites, overbites, crossbites, open bites, gapped teeth, crowded teeth, and general crookedness. These are explained as follows:

  • Underbite: The opposite of an overbite—the lower front teeth protrude in front of the upper ones
  • Overbite:  Here, the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth
  • Crossbite: The upper and lower jaws don’t line up correctly, and some of the upper teeth may sit inside the lower teeth when the mouth is closed
  • Open bite:  When the mouth is closed, the front upper and lower teeth don’t touch each other, and the bite looks open
  • Gapped teeth: Two or more teeth have some extra space between them
  • Crowded teeth:  The teeth are too close together and may overlap one another
  • Crooked teeth: The teeth are not straight or are misaligned

What Can’t Clear Aligners Fix?

Clear aligners can fix mild to moderate degrees of the above issues. However, if the problem is severe, a patient will likely need traditional braces. Clear aligners simply aren’t powerful enough to reposition and rotate teeth dramatically. To do that, the force of wires is necessary. Specific factors, including tooth shape, tooth position, bridgework, and large gaps, can prevent an individual from being able to use invisible aligners. Again, misalignment issues must be mild to moderate for patients to get the most benefit from clear aligners.

Get Clear Aligners in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA

The only way to know for sure whether or not you’re the right candidate for clear aligners is to come in and consult with an orthodontic professional at John Redmond Orthodontics. John Redmond and his team can assess your specific situation and discuss your needs with you. An orthodontic evaluation can determine whether clear aligner therapy would be the most favorable treatment to achieve your goals and needs, or if you would benefit from another orthodontic treatment. Contact the office today to schedule your consultation with an experienced Rancho Mission Viejo, CA Orthodontist.