Adult Orthodontist San Clemente, CA

Adult Orthodontist San Clemente, CA

Adult Orthodontist San Clemente, CA

If your crooked teeth or overbite bother you or present dental hygiene challenges, no matter your age, it’s probably not too late to seek treatment from an adult orthodontist San Clemente, CA residents trust. The corrective power of orthodontics is not only useful in children but also works well for adults. A consultation with John Redmond Orthodontics can provide you with insight into the options that are available to you in the state of California.

Even if you’ve reached adulthood, your teeth can still be moved into their proper position. However, it may take a little more time and patience since your bone tissue becomes denser with age. Some other things to consider with orthodontics for adult patients include whether or not you have these or other conditions:

  • Fillings
  • Missing teeth
  • Dental or gum diseases
  • Excessive wear and tear on teeth

John Redmond Orthodontics, is an adult orthodontist located in San Clemente, CA who has seen many different situations in his years of professional practice. The team at John Redmond Orthodontics can evaluate your specific needs and recommend the appropriate course of action for you.

It’s essential that you be treated by an orthodontist and not a dentist. An orthodontist undergoes additional training beyond dental school to become a qualified and credentialed orthodontist. An orthodontist can have the expertise and experience to ensure that you have the best experience and results possible for your time and money.

A San Clemente, CA adult orthodontist may use various methods to move your teeth into the proper position, but they will probably use either braces or an orthodontic appliance such as a clear aligner. The braces or appliance will gently and slowly move your teeth into their correct position and alignment. You will see our adult orthodontist in San Clemente, CA regularly so that your progress can be monitored and the orthodontist can make any necessary adjustments.

Adults who are concerned about how their appearance will be affected by traditional metal braces have some options. Modern-day options include tooth-colored brackets that blend into your teeth, much smaller metal braces, and braces that can sit behind your teeth. Some braces aren’t even braces at all, but are clear plastic trays called aligners that fit over your teeth, gently moving them into place.

Which options are suitable for you will vary depending on your teeth, your mouth, and the amount of correction you want. Our adult orthodontist that San Clemente, CA patients rely on will advise you as to what can work best for you and how long the treatment might take. The average treatment plan usually takes about two years, during which you will likely have regular visits every six to eight weeks. During visits to the office, our orthodontist will make sure that your bite is correct and your teeth are straight. Regular appointments, and proper dental hygiene are well worth the investment of time and money towards a better smile. Many insurance plans may cover at least part of the cost of orthodontics because they understand the money-saving advantages of good dental health over the long term.

When an adult patient sees his or her new, improved smile for the first time, it can be a moving experience. Many San Clemente, CA adult orthodontist patients are amazed when they see their straight, healthy teeth after so many years of imperfect teeth. Most patients wish they had gotten orthodontics much sooner.

The time is now—get started on orthodontic treatment today. Set up an appointment with John Redmond Orthodontics, an adult orthodontist that can assist San Clemente, CA residents in achieving the smile they have been dreaming of.