5 Unique Braces Myths You Need to Know 

When it comes to braces there are many myths you can find. Some of the common myths are rooted in people’s experience with the braces of time past. Others, well, we’re not exactly sure where they came from but people still believe them. To help dispel any misconceptions we are going to be countering the 5 most common braces myths that people seem to always have. Don’t worry if you’ve ever believed some of these, as chances are no one said different! 

  1. Braces Will Set Off Metal Detectors 

Thankfully this myth is a no. It sounds strange as braces are metal and metal detectors are looking for, well, metal. However, braces are made to be extremely lightweight and oftentimes they aren’t the metal that the metal detectors are looking for. The detectors at the airport are looking for different types of metals as otherwise, they would go off from little things like zippers on pants. 

  1. If You’re Around a Huge Magnet You’ll Stick to it

You can thank TV and movies for this myth. The fact is, braces aren’t magnetic. If you are curious and you have braces just try sticking a fridge magnet to them. You’ll see the magnet won’t stick and will fall to the ground. 

  1. You Can’t Get an MRI with Braces 

It is a myth that you see every once in a while, but it isn’t true. Braces adhere to your teeth with a strong adhesive so there is no danger of them flying off during an MRI. Even if they weren’t, they still wouldn’t fly off since they aren’t magnetic at all. The biggest issue that can happen is sometimes the image can be distorted around the brain, face, or anything above the neck. In most cases, though there are other techniques to get the image. 

  1. Braces Interfere with Radio Signals and Electronic Devices 

This just might be the myth we would love to be true. How amazing would it be to tune into your favorite radio station or download songs with your braces? It would be really cool, but the truth is this is impossible. It just simply can’t be done as there is no way for them to do it. They also can’t interfere with signals or mess with devices. 

  1. Braces Can Rust 

Metal and moisture typically do not make a good combination. However, the material that your braces are made of is meant to stay rust-free. Just like getting a hip replacement, the metal is meant to stay rust-free for as long as you need it. You’ll never have to worry about rust in your mouth with braces. 

There you have it, 5 unique myths that are all busted. When it comes to getting braces you should only worry about how to keep them clean. If you have more questions about braces and what an orthodontist can do, reach out to John Redmond Orthodontics for a free consultation.