3 Questions Regarding Orthodontists


If you or a loved one are considering receiving orthodontic care, contact an orthodontist office patients trust in Oceanside, CA. 

Whether patients are seeking a straighter smile, healthier gums, or relief from jaw pain, an orthodontist can help. While orthodontists provide many resources for their patients, there still lies some confusion and ambiguity about all the services and options provided. The following is intended to clarify and shed light on what those options and treatments are for patients. By answering 3 questions regarding orthodontic care, patients can feel more confident scheduling a consultation. 

  1. Are metal braces the only option for those wanting a straighter smile? No, because there are actually several different braces options. Ranging from visible, to visible, permanent to removable, braces are for everyone. For those seeking a more discreet look, or adults wanting to maintain a professional appearance, ceramic, lingual, or invisible braces may be the best fit. Ceramic braces blend in with the patient’s teeth, making them far less visible than metal braces. These braces do cost more than braces and are more delicate and fragile. For this reason, ceramic braces may be better suited for adults rather than children. Lingual braces attach to the back of the patient’s teeth, making them undetectable. Since lingual braces are custom fitted for each patient, the cost is substantial. Invisible braces, otherwise known as clear aligners are extremely popular for teenagers and adults. These aligners are custom-made for each patient and can be taken out. With each new set of aligners, an orthodontist will personally fit them to the patient to ensure they are working efficiently.
  2. Will patients experience pain or discomfort in their mouth from braces? Although some patients experience pressure, and mild discomfort during their braces journey, it is not constant or chronic. When braces are fitted to a patient, the orthodontist may have to pull and tug on the mouth a bit, causing pressure to the teeth. The feeling of soreness does wear off momentarily, and patients experience relief from that discomfort after a day or so. When new aligners are put into the patient’s mouth, they can feel tight at first while the teeth shift into a more symmetrical smile. If you are worried about experiencing pain, or discomfort consults your local orthodontist and they can help. Orthodontists like those at John Redmond Orthodontics care about their patients and desire their comfort and satisfaction during their braces journey. 
  3. What services do Orthodontists provide to their patients? Orthodontists provide more services than just teeth straightening to their patients. Whether patients need assistance with jaw pain, realignment, or gum health, orthodontic care is beneficial. During an initial consultation, an orthodontist will go over the patient’s dental health records, ask if there are any problem areas, do an exam, and take x-ray pictures. Although many seek out orthodontic care for a straighter smile, orthodontists offer their patients so much more. If you are in the need of braces, or relief from jaw, tooth, or gum pain contact an orthodontist today!