Improving your smile can do wonders both for your confidence and oral health. If you have irregularities in your teeth, you may want to see an orthodontist like one from John Remond Orthodontics who can evaluate your teeth and find the most suitable treatment option for you. Postponing treatment if you have dental issues can lead to problems that affect your overall health, so it’s important that you get them checked out early. There are many type of issues that an orthodontist can correct so that you have a brighter and healthier smile. 


Teeth that are not properly aligned can make people self-conscious about how they look and present themselves. When your jaw is misaligned, it can cause pain, trouble chewing and discomfort. If left untreated, it can develop into other complications that may require further treatment. An orthodontist can correct your misaligned teeth or jaw through mouth guards, braces, surgery and other treatments. 


A trusted orthodontist in Oceanside, CA can treat a variety of spacing issues. Some people have gaps in their teeth or have too many teeth. Another common issue is when a tooth is growing in between other teeth.  Overcrowding can cause pain and difficulty chewing. An orthodontist can resolve spacing issues through treatments like braces, mouthguards and aligners.  

Bite (Occlusion)

You may need to see an orthodontist if you have abnormal teeth occlusion. When a dentist mentions occlusion, they are referring to the way your upper and lower teeth come into contact. People who have underbites or overbites can correct their bite with braces, which help to gradually move the teeth in the right position. Having your bite corrected can reduce issues with chewing and improve your facial appearance. 

Cosmetic Issues

Fixing irregularities in teeth can greatly improve the look of your smile. For many people, their smile is deeply connected to their self-esteem, confidence and how they carry themselves. An orthodontist can examine your teeth and search for areas that should be addressed. If there are certain problems that you want an orthodontist to solve, they can propose several treatment options which would be suitable. They can develop a treatment plan that is personalized to your dental needs and preferred look. 

Solving issues with your teeth and jaw can bring many benefits to your dental health and confidence. Arrange a consultation with a top, highly experienced orthodontist to get the smile of your dreams.